Wills, Trusts, and Estates

If you have assets and you care about who will receive those assets upon your death, you need a valid will. Many people try to forgo hiring an attorney and attempt to create a will themselves. With a bit of guidance from the internet, this can be done. However, the most important benefit of hiring an attorney to create a will is not to ensure that the will is executed properly. Again, you can probably handle that on your own.

The most important part of creating a will occurs before the document is created, when you sit down with an attorney and have a conversation. After this occurs, it is often agreed that what is really needed is a trust, so that the you can avoid excessive taxation or maintain eligibility for government programs. Perhaps a durable power of attorney is required to ensure that a trusted family member or friend can keep the ship afloat if you become temporarily incapacitated. Maybe the will you wish to draft will lead to controversy, in which case you will need to make your intentions, and maybe even your reasoning, completely clear so that no one can successfully challenge the will after you pass. Call Warren Law Firm to schedule a consultation.