Warren-12 (1)Education

B.A. English Language and Literature


Growing up in Daytona Beach, a common destination for tourists and retirees, I have had the pleasure of meeting folks from all walks of life, from all different places. Hearing their stories inspired me to reach out and connect with others. Friendly communication was the link that brought me into their world.  Studying English in college, I truly began to appreciate the power of language. After earning my degree, I continued to apply this newfound passion for human connection through communication.

Working as a public-school teacher and USLA beach lifeguard for several years, the lives of people in the community have held a special place in my heart. Being a native of Florida, I have had the pleasure of living and working both on the East and now on the West coast. Whether lending an ear to troubled children or administering medical services to beachgoers, I always understood the importance of being there for someone in their time of need.

Along the way, I met several people working in the legal field. Their ability to listen and respond with real solutions to people’s problems inspired me to apply to Stetson University College of Law. Working for The Warren Law Firm has afforded me the unique opportunity to further my studies in a field that makes a true impact while helping people navigate life’s difficult moments.