Injunctions for Protection, commonly referred to as Restraining Orders, are orders from a court requiring someone to completely cease contact with another person and stay a minimum distance away from that person. Injunctions for Protection can be a powerful way for someone to protect themselves from a person who has stalked, harmed, or threatened to harm them. However, since Injunctions for Protection place a restriction on someone’s freedom of movement there are specific requirements that must be met before a judge can issue an Order for Injunction for Protection.

Some of these requirements have to do with the relationship between the parties, while other requirements are related to what specifically happened between them. This article series will help break down the process of getting an Injunction for Protection by going over important terms, the different types of Injunctions for Protection, the specific requirements for each type of Injunction for Protection, what protections they can provide, and a summary of the process to get an Injunction for Protection.

  • Important Terms
    • Petition = A cause of action filed with the court where a person is asking the court to do something, in this case, enter an Injunction for Protection
    • Petitioner = The person asking for the Injunction for Protection
    • Respondent = The person the Petitioner is asking for protection from
    • Temporary Injunction of Protection = Order that may be entered by the court before having a formal hearing.
    • Permanent Injunction of Protection = Order that may be entered by the court after having a formal hearing. *Note, this will typically have a time limit such as 1 year, 5 years, etc., so the name “Permanent” is somewhat misleading.
  • 5 different types of Injunctions for Protection
    • There are five different types of Injunctions for Protection in the State of Florida. Each one is intended to cover specific types of situations and each have different requirements. Which type of Injunction for Protection a person should ask for depends on the facts of the situation and the overall goal. It is important to request the most appropriate Injunction for Protection to make sure to get all the protections available under the law.

The five types of Injunctions for Protection in Florida are:

      1. Injunction for Protection from Domestic Violence
      2. Injunction for Protection from Dating Violence
      3. Injunction for Protection from Sexual Violence
      4. Injunction for Protection from Repeat Violence
      5. Injunction for Protection from Stalking

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