At The Warren Law Firm, our team takes a personal approach to your divorce and family law matters. We will work with you side-by-side to discuss your options, and come up with efficient and effective solutions that meet your needs, and the needs of your children.

Divorce is painful and can be made considerably worse by an unfair division of assets or parenting plan. To best avoid these bad results, hire an attorney who is both a negotiator and a litigator. You will need a negotiator because meeting with the other side and working out an honest and fair agreement is by far the best outcome in every case. In fact, courts in the Tampa Bay metropolitan area require mediation in all contested divorce cases. An agreement by both sides is not only what the judge wants, it is what is best for you and your former spouse, and it is certainly best for any involved children. However, you should also consider hiring an attorney who has trial experience. You should consider doing so because without the threat of litigation, the other side may not want to participate in the settlement process in an honest and fair manner.