Not all firms offering defense services go about the work in the same way. For example, there are some attorneys who will take just about any criminal case so long as the client has the money to pay for representation. While every citizen accused of a crime is entitled to competent defense, Warren Law Firm chooses its clients carefully. Career criminals and people who do not accept personal accountability for their actions are not clients of the firm. However, the above does not describe the majority of people accused of a crime.

The majority of people accused of a crime fall into three categories.

The first group, which is by far the largest group, contains the people accused of a crime who do not wish to avoid responsibility. Instead, they seek only to be understood and have their side of the story told. They hire a criminal defense attorney to walk them through the process and negotiate with the state’s attorney on their behalf. For instance, they may desire to spend 100 hours doing community service instead of 10 days in jail, because the jail time would result in the loss of their job, which they rely on to support their family.

Second, there are many people accused of crimes who are guilty of something, but feel they are being treated unfairly by the government. Perhaps the government overcharged the case, accusing the citizen of one crime he or she committed, and three other crimes he or she did not. In other situations, the government may have broken the rules to obtain the evidence for the case. Police work is noble and extremely challenging, but it is more important to ensure that police are following the rules than for another private citizen to be successfully convicted of DUI.

Third, there are people who are accused of criminal violations who are completely innocent. This occurs more frequently in certain types of cases, including domestic violence, driving under the influence, and in cases where entire groups of people are accused of committing the same crime, such as vandalism or trespassing.

If you need someone to advocate for you, call Warren Law Firm for a consultation. Because Michael is a former prosecutor and Juan is a former public defender, they can approach the State’s Attorneys Office from a position of mutual understanding.

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